M3W – Cognitive Training for Mental Wellness

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Age-related cognitive decline is considered as a normal process over 40 that often accelerates with age. In our days, fortunately, there are methods to measure such mental changes over time and detect them early. These methods may give some assistance to any further healthcare steps if needed.

Now, you can get this assistance on the M3W website. With regular use of the online games you can measure and visualize mental changes and tendencies over time, in an entertaining way.

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Dear Visitor!

If you completed your registration and want to play with the games any time in the future you must log in to the M3W website (unless your browser remembers your last session). You may login:

  • With your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account: just click on its name in the left bar.
  • With your username and password: click on the Login button in the left bar and enter the data.


Dear Visitor!

Registration consists of (1) creating a new account, (2) performing the PAL Test. Usage is free.

  • Account creation is easy if you have a Google, Facebook or Linkedin account: just click on its name in the left bar.
  • Else click on the Registration button, enter a few data, including a valid email address, then read your mail and follow the instructions.

Data handling

Dear Visitor!

The personal data you enter at the registration and the results you achieve in the games are treated confidentially. Only you and authorized experts of the M3W project have access to them.

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